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Taxation services

At Makwande we believe proper tax planning is a continuous process. It entails all the transactions one makes in a business. Wise businesses will acquire the services of knowledgeable tax advisors for every major transaction. At the end of the day, prevention is better than cure. Asking for advice when you are about to submit your tax return is a lagging method of saving on tax. In actual fact there is not much Tax consultants can do if you come to them when you are about to submit your tax return.  Use a leading method and acquire our services on time and you will see the difference.

We provide services that will help the company or association retain the confidence of investors, manage your risk, strengthen your controls and achieve your potential goal and that will grow the business/ organisation.

When conducting our Tax services, we try by all means to minimize your tax liabilities. We achieve this by understanding your line of business and by giving you advice that will help you pay less tax while earning more.

Our Taxation Services include

  • VAT And Value Added Tax Returns
  • Capital gains tax
  • Personal Income Tax and SITE
  • Donations Tax
  • Estate Duty
  • Companies Tax
  • Secondary Tax on Companies
  • Farmers Tax
  • Stamp Duty
  • Property Tax
  • Offshore Tax
  • Trust Tax
  • Provisional Tax
  • Exchange Control
  • Advise on Tax efficiencies , mitigation of tax risk, tax audit and structured transaction  ( ASA Mag; April 2008)
  • Compliance with SARS requirements
  • Assisting clients with tax enquiries or investigations
  • Corporate tax planning, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, management buy-outs, leveraged buy-outs
  • The incorporation of sole traders and partnerships into limited companies
  • Tax reconciliation and calculation

(WikipediaKeith Huxham & Philip Haupt  Book)

ASA Mag; April 2008